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Posted:  03 Dec 2015 16:31
In the settings I have two people with email addresses on the Periodic Functions to notify of changes to the Calendar.  Everybody receives the changes notices but these two people.  I have a email address also, so I put mine in and I don't receive them either via that email address.  I have checked in the spam folder and they are not there either.
I am using Luxcal version 3.23

Any clues why this is happening?

Posted:  03 Dec 2015 20:48
Hi Jim,

Before sending emails, the email addresses are validated by the calendar. I checked for you email addresses in the format and they pass the validation without problems. So I don't know why users with email addresses don't receive emails.
If you are using PHP mail . . .
What you could perhaps do is edit the file "common/toolbox.php" and just before line 374 (the test line which is commented out) temporarily add the following line of code:
logError('luxcal',"PHP mail with subject '{$subject}' to {$recipList} sent.");
With this test line, every time an email message is sent, a message will be logged in the file "logs/luxcal.log" with a time stamp, the message subject and the recipients list. Now you can see if the mail addresses are part of the recipients list. If so, the PHP mail function used the correct recipients list, meaning that the mail addresses were blocked after the mail was sent by the calendar; this can be your server or the mail client (e.g. spam filter).
If you are using SMTP mail,you should add the above mentioned line of code just before line 380.

If you don't get it to work, let me know and send me your email address; I will then modify the toolbox.php file for you and send it to.

Posted:  04 Dec 2015 02:35
I have changed it and added a test event will see what happens in the morning.
Also there is a toolboxx.php fille, is that correct?

Posted:  04 Dec 2015 15:55
It shows that it sent it to those two addresses.
Posted:  04 Dec 2015 17:21   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Yes, there's also a toolboxx.php file, which is an "administrator" toolbox for all admin pages.

If the PHP mail function is successful (and it is) and if it shows that it sent the message to those two addresses, then the problem must be somewhere on your server, which is unlikely, on the server hosting the SBCGlobal mailboxes ( or the mail client, which again is unlikely. It's very unlikely that the mail client of two people and your mail client all block the calendar emails at the same time. (To be 101% sure, you could maybe open your SBCGlobal mailbox via web mail and see if the message arrived).
So my guess would be SBCGlobal blocks the emails.

Please note that if the PHP mail function is successful, it only means the message was sent out successfully, it doesn't say anything about whether the message has reached its destination(s).
I suggest to copy the code below in a file called testmail.php . . .


$to = "";
$subject = "Test message PHP Mail";
$message = "Hello, this email was triggered via my browser.";
if (mail($to, $subject, $message)) {
  echo("PHP mail successful!");
} else {
  echo("PHP mail failed…");
On the 2nd line replace  by your mail address, upload the file to the calendar root and launch it via your browser. It will send an email to your mailbox.
As you can see this is a very basic email sending script which should always work. You can launch it as often as you want and it may help you to find out where the emails are blocked.
Posted:  04 Dec 2015 21:53
I got the "PHP mail successful!" message.  No message received in the account email.
I can log on to the web server and use it's web mail and the message is received.

What is the difference between "Web mail" & "PHP Mail"?

Posted:  04 Dec 2015 23:43   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jim,

Maybe I confused you.
By "open your SBCGlobal mailbox via web mail" I mean reading the mails in your mailbox by using your browser to connect to the mail server and look in your inbox, so not using a mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird on your local computer.

To send emails from a PHP script, there are basically two options: the PHP mail function (like in the code in my previous post), which means sending emails directly from your internet host's server, suitable for small numbers of emails, or SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) mail, which means sending mails from an external (dedicated) mail server, suitable for larger numbers of emails. In the latter case your internet server (where the calendar resides) communicates with a dedicated mail server and the mail server does the actual 'sending' of the emails.

I'm not sure of course, but I suspect the SBCGlobal mail server blocks the emails received from the calendar, so from your internet server, for whatever reason. This could for instance be a spam filter running on the SBCGlobal mail server.

If you want, I can send a couple of emails from one of our LuxCal test servers to your SBCGlobal mailbox to see if that works ok. In this case you should send me preferably two email addresses (one SBCGlobal and an other one) so that I can send a couple of test mails to both mailboxes which you should receive aprox. simultaneously.
Posted:  05 Dec 2015 04:40
I think I confused you.
emails sent by PHP are NOT received
emails sent by Web mail from the web server are received.

So do you know the difference of two emaisl from the same server?

I think that's where the problem is.

Posted:  03 Feb 2016 04:43
Finally got this fixed. Had to write a letter to the AT&T CEO, who got the right people involved and they investigated and didn't point the finger at GoDaddy and discovered they were blocking a whole range of IP addresses
Posted:  04 Feb 2016 11:08   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Great Jim,
I'm sure you used the opportunity to promote the LuxCal calendar when you wrote to the AT&T CEO smile