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Posted:  27 Nov 2015 19:14
I probably did something stupid with 4.22M  update ..
I've only 4 categories and in in one of my Sidebar I've enter $sbCatsIn = '1,2,3';... (also tried to $sbCatsIn = '1';)
another $sbCatsIn = '4'; ( I tried also $sbCatsEx = '1,2,3';)
but both  Sidebar displays all categories
What can I do to fix?
some help ?
Posted:  28 Nov 2015 10:52
Hi there,

No, you didn't do something stupid. It's my fault sad
Due to the introduction of some other feature, as of v4.2.2M, the parameters $sbCatsIn and $sbCatsEx have been replaced by one singe parameter $sbCats, which specifies the event categories to show in the sidebar.
I forgot to update the installation guide accordingly and I forgot to make LuxCal users aware of this change. Sorry for this.

So you should enter for example: $sbCats = '1,2,3';

Posted:  28 Nov 2015 15:49
does nothing .. I'm just a little crazy with the code.. thump_up solved

I saw that there will be a new version.. I think you should add a control for  "delete" in " Edit Categories"
it can happen to accidentally delete a category .. controls are very close cool

great work  tks