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Posted:  26 Nov 2015 01:54
Hi, congratulations for your work , first of all , I wanted to know if it was possible to have two calendars with the same people who once registered can see both calendars , that is, the user table only . Thank you
Posted:  26 Nov 2015 03:44
I don't know if you could use the Single Sign On feature in that situation or not. See LuxCal features here.

I don't know how much demand there might be for it but if there was that might be a nice feature; shared user table. Say I have four calendars for different things on the same domain and a user participates in two of those calendars. When they register their user id is created which will work with any of the four calendars if the "shared user table option is used".

If the Single Sign On feature will work then you already have a solution for the same users between two calendars.

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