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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Problem with "home"-bar in iframe
Posted:  04 Nov 2015 20:46
I have a little problem.
I have "integrated" the calendar in my website via iframe.
Works fine.
The calendar can also be reached as a "standalone" - gives perhaps better view.
When the calendar sends mail to a user, the link to the calendar ( in "standalone" view ) is in the mail.
I tried to setup the "home" in the settings.
Works fine - the user is directed to the page that was setup.
The "home" button also is in the calendar in the iframe, and it is very silly when the user then clicks the button and sees the page itself in the iframe.
Question :
Can it be set up, so that the button only appears when the calendar is "standalone" ?
Posted:  04 Nov 2015 23:43
Hi John,
Yes, I see the problem. And I think I solved it.
I will send you two changed files. Please let me know if your problem s solved.
Posted:  05 Nov 2015 12:53   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The problem is solved with the new files - great.
I don't think anyone will need the "home"-button in an iframe, so I suppose it will be part of the standard ?
Posted:  05 Nov 2015 18:04
Correct, the solution will be part of the next LuxCal calendar version.