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Posted:  02 Nov 2015 17:37
I am not quite aware if this a bug, intended or I am doing something wrong - but :

When I have a searchresult, and want it printed out for a to-do-list or a personal coming event-list, I am only having one page printed.

It is not the printer - when I print to a PDF-file there is also only one page - can anyone tell why ??????????
Posted:  03 Nov 2015 14:08
I have found out that it seems to be IE that has the problem.
In Chrome alle pages are printed. Seems to be OK.
In Edge only a few lines are printed.
In Mozilla Firefox all pages are printed. Seems to be OK.

I think that many still use explorer.

Is it, that the Calendar don't like Microsoft, or does Microsoft not like the Calendar ?
Posted:  03 Nov 2015 23:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Are you still using IE ohmy . . . that is soooo 2014.
Yeah, and Edge sucks.

My time is limited, but if I can find a moment, I will look into IE printing.
Did you hear the rumor? Microsoft is planning to buy Firefox and abandon IE and Edge altogether.
Posted:  04 Nov 2015 04:59
Lol if they do they'll just ruin it then abandon it later.
Posted:  04 Nov 2015 10:57
You are right, Roel - Edge sucks.

I am using Norton Internet security. It does'nt function with Firefox or Edge ( yet ).
It can be (is) integrated with IE and Chrome, and therefore I use IE and Chrome myself.
But it is not only me ( I hope ) that accesses and use our site - many of those other users could use IE or Edge.

And about those rumors - did'nt they start in 2006 ?