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Posted:  02 Nov 2015 09:29
Others than me, must have the problem, that the provider does not provide cronjobs.
By testing the cronjob, it would be good to have the opportunity to run the cronjob "online".
You can use a cronjob-service from a free service-site.

When You want to test the cronjob "online" or use an "outdoor" service, You have to remove the protection built in the cronjob lcalcron.

This opens for annoying attacks from others starting the cronjob, and perhaps "mailspamming" when a cronjob provides several mails sent.

You have to edit the cronjob to reestablish the protection when done "online" testing and/or edit the cronjob to put in some IP-checking when using an outside cronjob-service.

Suggestion :

What about a cronjob-setup in settings when logged in as admin.

You should have ( one of three ) three options :

1 = Prevent "outside" start of cronjob.
2 = Allow outside start of cronjob ( could be used when testing cronjob - remember to switch to 1 or 3 after testing)
3 = Prevent "outside" start of cronjob except from IP ( input field )

By this, users who don't want to edit too much and eventually loose the edit in an upgrade, could easily set up a cronjob and test it, and have a relative secure solution, when using an external cronjob-provider. Most cronjob providers have fixed IPs. Perhaps it should be possible to set up 2 IP-adresses.

Clipped from FAQ : Which IP address is used to visit my URLs?At the moment, all requests made by originate from the IP address Please note that this might change as we expand our service.