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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Cron Job Not Running lcalcron.php ( while non LuxCal cron jobs do )
Posted:  29 Oct 2015 20:21   Last Edited By: ml48603
I made a cron job to run lcalcron.php ... lcalcron.php does not run.

I have LuxCal settings configured to produce a ics export file each time lcalcron.php is run. . . No ics file is created in the /files subdirectory.

My LuxCal installation is on a debian linux shared hosting package with ssh shell account. I am able to edit my crontab -e file. 

LuxCal 4.22M PHP v5.4 MySQL 5.5 InnoDB 5.5 Storage Engine

I know that cron jobs are able to run as I successfully created a cron job to send myself a test email:

54 13 29 10 * /usr/bin/php /aadada/homepages/ad/aaaaaad/htdocs/ghghgh/MySQL-database/calendar/crontest.php

My test file crontest.php contains one line:
<?php mail('','Cron Job Test Script',phpversion()); ?>

I receive my test mail a minute later.

Why isn't  lcalcron.php running and producing an .ics export file in /files directory ??

Please Note: I am entering the lcalcron.php cron job to run while I am here testing. So I set it to run 5 minutes after I have saved the crontab
55 13 29 10 * /usr/bin/php /aadada/homepages/ad/aaaaaad/htdocs/ghghgh/MySQL-database/calendar/lcalcron.php

Any ideas?
Mark Saginaw, Michigan
Posted:  03 Nov 2015 18:56
Roel figure out what was happening after seeing a few screenshots from my shell account.

The shared web hosting account has PHP 4 installed and available to run as /usr/bin/php . LuxCal 422M will not run on  this old version. I found an updated copy of php to run from my server installed as php5.5. Now I run the cron job by calling the 5.5 version of php and lcalcron runs as expected. /usr/bin/php5.5. lcalcron.php

Mark, Saginaw, MI