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Posted:  29 Oct 2015 13:36
In the calendars "options", it is possible to choose all, one, or click out more categories.

In the search-function, it is only possible to choose one or all category(ies).
In my first calendar, I am using the category for team-members, and one person can be on several teams.
It is possible for him to view the calendar for only his team(s), men when he is searching, it is not possible for him to choose his teams.
Could it not be possible, either to have the same function in the search as in the show-options - or - in the search function to have the possibility to use " use categories from show-option" as an option.
Posted:  02 Nov 2015 17:42
Inspired by Cato the elder : Furthermore I mean that the search function should be for selectable categories

This is the post where Cato is not needed
Posted:  03 Nov 2015 23:05
Haha, inspired by Cato the Elder . . . I didn't know that the Romans already had a search function in their web calendars in 200 BC?

I will have to think about this one.
Posted:  04 Nov 2015 21:25
In luxcal details it says :

â—¾Event filtering on event owner and category in all calendar views. Multiple selections possible

I assumed that the search-view was part of "all calendar views" wink

The Romans were starting with web-calendars, but stopped the project when they found out that it was very very difficult to calculate date and times only using the MCLVI.

By the way - how / where can you make filtering/search on event owner ???????