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Posted:  21 Oct 2015 10:58
I have a calendar where each event is a match, and each category is a team.
I want to be able to send a mail to the teammembers when a match approaches.
I intend to do this by setting in a filename in each event, where the file has the teammembers mailaddresses.

- My provider ( ) does not support cronjobs. I know there is sites that free offers cronjob-service - does anyone know if there could be any security issues in using such a service ? And how to ?

- I intend to test the mailfunction anyway. How do I start the cronjob "manually". I suppose it is about running the icalcron.php, which i suppose starts the other jobs, but how to do that ?
Posted:  21 Oct 2015 16:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I have been answered at another place, by "himself".
So now I am able to continue - forget about these two posts.
Posted:  22 Oct 2015 15:59
Ha 'himself' smile
Posted:  23 Oct 2015 10:15
In a way this would be a nice feature. I know you already got an answer. One solution would be to have Windows run it in the task manager. It's a less than ideal way of doing it but it could be done that way.

One little thing you might have to watch out for, many hosts have a daily limit of how many emails can be sent. Say you have a daily limit of 250 but 312 emails need to be sent, you see the problem.

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