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Posted:  21 Oct 2015 10:17
When inserting events from a CSV file, the link first becomes "active" when updating the event.
When You have a link[name], You have to get in on every event and make an update.
You don't have to change anything, but just UPDATE.
It is to live with, but it would be nice if the system itself, could do the "UPDATE".
By the way - why is it not all fields that can be imported - ex. extra tex1 and extra text 2  - are those special fields ?
Posted:  21 Oct 2015 10:38   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,

Yes, I agree, it would be better if during the import process links were activated directly. I will try to solve this in the next release.

Concerning the two extra fields, the question is: when importing a CSV file, what should be copied to these extra LuxCal fields? If for instance you export a CSV file from Outlook, then there are no fields that match the LuxCal extra fields.

Posted:  21 Oct 2015 11:09
No - but the CSV-import function is specific for luxcal I suppose.
I have just posted an issue about cronjob and emails.
I intend to use the mailing function to advice teammembers about coming matches 1- 2 days before.
When I next time import about 200 entries, it could be nice that I also could import the filename for the email-sdresses.
I know that this is not ectra text1 or text2 but it is a field in the calendar.
Or You could do it possible to link a mailfilename to a category wink
Posted:  21 Oct 2015 11:21
And about the update function in import -
If a clever guy should be keen on the doublebookingfunction, then an update routine should also call this doublebookingcheck if the category says so.
Posted:  29 Oct 2015 13:54
Another thing in the import function - it should also be possible to set the alarm-days number.
Then it would not be necessary to "finish" the events after an import