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Posted:  19 Oct 2015 09:16   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The calendar can be used for many purposes. If You are a Sports club, You could let a category be a tennis lane, and the members could be known in the system, and be allowed to book lanes, and other members can see when a lane is free/not free - and find a free lane and then book it. You can see in the system who has made the booking and when.
All is fine - but users are as users are.
It would be nice if it was possible to set up for a category ( tennis lane or other resource), that for this category, it should not be able to make an event that had overlap with an other event with the same category- in other words - prevent double booking.
If it is category-driven, You will still be able  to have more birthdays on the same day, or other appointments which category is not "double-booking-prohibited".

Is there anyone else but me, who can see the potential in this ?
If - then let's pray, and see if we will be heard. wink
Posted:  02 Dec 2015 22:18
Our prayers have been heard !!!!!thump_up