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Posted:  16 Oct 2015 10:24
Dear Support,

What I want to have is a separated Header for Public and Login user. The reason for that I just want to Public to browse the calendar and Event only. If we offer to-do list, Help  and up coming button, they may confuse. But this feature is crucial for the admin, manager and even operator to manage the Event in Calander.

In the setting, there is an option to manage the header, however, this option take effect on all, no matter you are Public or administrator.

Besides, there is no option to disable Help button. The reason for disable this button is that user know there is a capability for more, they may keep asking for more. If possible, you may create a separated simple calendar browse for Public only.

Posted:  17 Oct 2015 11:25
Hi Tommy,
If only for the Public calendar, you add ?hdr=0 to the calendar URL, the Public User will see no navigation bar at all. This could maybe be a good solution for you.
(Note: The hdr setting is remembered by the calendar, so when you test this feature, you will need to add ?hdr=1 (just once) to get the header back again)
Is this ok?