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Posted:  11 Oct 2015 11:58   Last Edited By: Roel B.
calendar Just not displaying after set up on server, it has created and populated the data base and tables.

If i edit  the db config details it throws up an error so i figure it it seeing the database etc ... just no calendar being  displayed  when i open the index.php file on my server.

Any ideas .. ?!?

Best swiftoid.
Posted:  11 Oct 2015 15:47   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Swiftoid,

This looks like a too old PHP version on your server, which produces an error. Or missing calndar files which maybe were not properly extracted during the calendar installation.
Please let me know . . .
- which LuxCal version you're using
- if there is an error message in one of the log files in the calendar's log/ directory
- the version of the PHP installation on your server

Posted:  28 Oct 2015 02:34   Last Edited By: ml48603
I've got the same problem whether I am using Explorer 11 or Firefox 41 on my phone or using Cromer on Android 5 or 4.4

I have added events to the database, I can search for and find the events, but I can'tell see the calendar.  I looked in my log files directory and both luxcal.log and sql.log are 0 byte files.

I am hosted with on a Debian Linux shared hosting account, PHP version is and Mysql v  5.5.44-0 with extension mysqli . APACHE V2.2.22. I successfully installed Luxcal.log v4.22M. Tools test shows installation is good.

I like your calendar program, but without the visual calendar to accompany it, it'seems a no go.

ANY suggestions?

MARK, Saginaw Michigan
Posted:  28 Oct 2015 19:50
The LuxCal author logged into my shared hosting account and discovered the reason for the nonexistent visual calendar.  The /views directory in the LuxCal root directory was missing.  Once the /views directory and contents were restored the calendars were visible.

Windows 7 Explorer, with built in zip compression/extraction did not extract the /view directory when I selected "Extract All". Go figure. Hope this helps the next LuxCal newbie.

Take Care and Thanks to the author !
Saginaw Michigan