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Posted:  11 Oct 2015 11:48
I could use a possibility to an extra field in the category. In this field You should be able to put in a link.
You could eventually have a field to the link and a field to a name - You could then check that the name didn't exceed ex. 10 characters.
When You in the calendar, click on an event, and sees the popup box, then You to the right of the category should display the ( name of [name] ) the link - and should be able to click on it.
I should use it for the purpose :
In my one productionsite ( ) , I use the category for a tournament-team (billard ). We have 13 tournament teams, and therefore 13 categories for that. Each team belongs to a tournament pool, where the billard-union has a dynamic site for each pool that is updated as the tournament goes on. I have given each match ( each entry in the calendar ) a specific matchnumber-link and the user can click on that to see the exact matchresult. I could also have a link to the pool, but it would be redundant data, and perhaps others could use a link-possibility.

The calendar program can't be praised enough. I had it installed in a testenvironment and had trouble with the installation and especially with the character set. I got super support from luxcal.

When I should install the calendar in my pruduction site, I was able to have it up and running and implemented in my solution in just one ( 1 ) hour. That is including that I had to delete my first calendar-event-import because the categorynumbers in my importfiles now had the wrong categoty numbers. That shows that the system is userfriendly, as I am not that experienced in websites.

Last ( but not less ) the program is loaded with functionality, and I have not discovered all yet. thump_up