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Posted:  09 Oct 2015 15:52
Hi All

for a problem w aruba(win hosting) i have installed the calendar script on another domain (under linux  ) and iFramed whit tags :


<iframe src="http://some_url/cal/index.php</iframe>

and seems to work correctly:
in public view at  first time i click on a event  a windows poput (event.php) is shown w/o buttons to edit but if i click another time on the same linlk the popup windows will open in edit mode whit admin right (!)

for now i have commented out the cookies set to avoid problems ... and work

any suggestion?

tks in advance
Posted:  11 Oct 2015 10:16
Hi Gabriele,

Iframed, or not, doesn't make any difference. So I assume you have the same problem when you open the calendar in a new window.
I would be interested to look into this problem. Could you send me the link to your calendar (via the Contact Us page on this site), so that I can see in detail what is happening, preferably with a user account with post rights?
Posted:  12 Oct 2015 10:53
PM sended

tks for any suggestion .... thump_up