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Posted:  24 Sep 2015 20:58
I tried to activate an email notification when entering an event (send now), and it worked fine.
However, when I edited an event to notify [ 1 days before event ]to the same email adress, nothing happened!
Is there any difference between the two in the way the email is sent?
I edited the last event (which was a whole day event) 2 days before.

Posted:  24 Sep 2015 22:16
Hi Scunder,
Yes, there is a difference. When you select "send now", the email is sent directly by the script itself. When you select to send a reminder x day(s) before the event, the sending of the email is triggered by a so called cron job. This cron job should run early in the morning when all calendar users are sound asleep and it should start the lcalcron.php script in the calendar root directory. The lcalcron.php script will scan the event database for reminders to be send and will generate the required emails.
Does this help?