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Posted:  18 Sep 2015 09:15
Since hovering can not be done on a tablet or cell phone (except Samsung Note with the external pen) it is impossible to get an overview of the events. You have to click and bring up the editing window on every specific event in year/month view to see what it is. Very annoying. Or have I missed something?
It's a pity to abandon an otherwise great calendar but this is a deal breaker. Can you help me?
Posted:  18 Sep 2015 10:59
Hi Scunder,
No you haven't missed anything; unfortunately the hover problem for tablets still hasn't been solved in the LuxCal calendar yet.
But plans to solve it are ready:
The idea is that on tablets . . .
- a tap on an event will bring up the "hoverbox" with event details (so the hover function)
- a tap on the popped up "hoverbox" will activate a hyperlink to the event edit window (only for users with edit rights of course)

It's simple and easy to implement. I will see if I can find the time to add this to the next LuxCal version. Can't promise anything.
Posted:  18 Sep 2015 12:08
Then I wont delete it, but rather wait for a new version. I will eventually (hopefully) be able to use it at work together with my colleagues.
Good luck, I'll be checking in regularly ;)