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Posted:  18 Aug 2015 09:52
Hi Roel
I'm still using two 2.71 version calendars (all the rest are 3.22 and 3.23).  I had to change the database password and it was easy to fix this in the later versions, via the config.php file.  However, according to the documentaion in 2.71 the database login details is encrypted in the lcaldbc.dat file...
How can I change the database login details on this version?  If it can't be done, can I install the newer version using the old database without losing data?
Thanks for the help
Posted:  20 Aug 2015 14:12
Hi Riaan,
Oops, LuxCal 2.7.1 is ages ago.
To be able to set the MySQL db password, you could try to install the v2.7.1 configuration tool (lconfig271.php).
Normally you can just upgrade from v2.7.1 to the latest LuxCal 3.2.3 version and it will automatically upgrade the database structure without loss of information.
Nevertheless I would strongly recommend to first back up your MySQL database via a tool like phpMyAdmin. In this case, if something goes wrong, I can help you to recover your data from the backup file.