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Posted:  16 Aug 2015 03:44
Please give a specific example of adding a link in an event description. Suppose the description is

Today we shall take a trip to visit Mickey Mouse and his friends.

I'd like to click on the words "Mickey Mouse" and open a new page at

Please show how to enter this in the description.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
Michael Feldman
Posted:  16 Aug 2015 03:46
One more question: can a link be added to the event title?

Posted:  16 Aug 2015 09:33   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Mikey,

To get the requested link in the event description, you should enter the text as follows:

Today we shall take a trip to visit [Mickey Mouse] and his friends.

(Note: forget the underlining of the link; it's added by the forum software)

It's not possible to add a link to the event title. The title is already a hyperlink itself (to open the Event window), so you would get a link in a link, which would be confusing.

Posted:  16 Aug 2015 21:28
Van harte dank, Roel! Thank you, this is very helpful -- works great.