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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / Expand the length of the window when you add a new event
Posted:  14 Aug 2015 17:29
Hello ,
I add multiple field in the window to add an event, so when I open the window to add a new event, I do not see all my fields.
I ask or I add the length
Thank you
Posted:  15 Sep 2015 14:10
someone have a idea ?
Posted:  30 Sep 2015 15:46
no idea ???
Posted:  01 Oct 2015 13:44
Hi Eamon,

Normally the event window resizes automatically to fit its content. So if you only added some more fields, which make the content "higher", the event window should automatically adjust its height to make the full content visible.
The resizing is done by the winFit() function in the file toolbox.js.

Did you change anything related to the winFit() function?