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Posted:  29 Jul 2015 21:49
J'ai ajouter un champs dans la BD .
OnMouseOver dans un événement , j'aimerai voir aussi la valeur de ce champ .
Posted:  04 Aug 2015 17:36   Last Edited By: Roel B.
If you've added a new field to the database, in the retrieve function in the retrieve.php file you should take care that this new field is added to the evt[] array, so that it can be used by scripts which use the retrieve() function.
Then if you want to show this new field in the hover box (onMouseOver), then you should add this field (for instance "evt['xxx']) to the "makeE" function in the toolbox.php file and add an index to the variable "popBoxFields" in the settings.php script.
Good luck!
Posted:  13 Aug 2015 17:21   Last Edited By: eamon250d
Thanks Roel