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Posted:  16 Jul 2015 00:26
As you explained I took out the lines in the canvas/header1.php between the "" in bars 94, 98 and as well did the same in line 106.
The buttons from lines 94/98 work and do not show up on my iPhone 6 but the back button deleted from line 106 does ... is there a reason for this? How can this be fixed?
My calendar is found at
Thanks again!
William Fitzpatrick
2691 Richter ste133
Irvine CA 92604
tel: 1 (877) 738-4424
Posted:  16 Jul 2015 23:33   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Bill,
I'm not sure, but I think there is a misunderstanding here.
In the file header1.php on line 106 it is the "back button" to a link you can specify on the admin's Settings page (under General - Link to parent page). If this link is not specified on the Settings page, there is no back link displayed.
In your MusiShare Calendar this back button is not displayed.

You probably mean the "back arrow" button. This is the button to open the date picker.
If I'm right and you want to remove the back arrow, and consequently the date picker, let me know and I will tell you how to do this.
In this case let me know if you also would like to remove the date selection field next to the back-arrow key.

Note, as described in the docs, you can also remove the complete header by adding ?hdr=0 to the calendar URL in your iframe. If you want to try this, please note to go back to the header again you have to add ?hdr=1 to the calendar URL (just once).