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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / cannot see added events and other things
Posted:  12 Jun 2015 23:08
I installed a fresh copy on my local server next

1) I added events but it doesnt shows events please check screenshot
2) I want to change colors how can i customize theme which pages i need to modify
3)  How to add images using html code ? or can i upload images to events ?
4) I want to show 30 days calendar on index page how can i show this ? only 30 days not more then that.

Thanks for answering.
Posted:  12 Jun 2015 23:39
Here is the link where i uploaded luxcalendar

I added a event and i cannot see that event title in the day box.

Can you tell me what i must do ?

Posted:  12 Jun 2015 23:49
I can see the text in one month period but not in whole year period also how can i increase the font size in day box and how do i add links ? using html code ?
Posted:  12 Jun 2015 23:49
What about images do i need to use html code for showing images in day box ?
Posted:  13 Jun 2015 17:37   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

Whow, a whole lot of questions.
When I look at your calendar all looks normal. I can see the event titles and URL links in Month view, and when I hover an event, I get the event details.
In Year view you will see a small square for each event and when hovering the square you'll get the event details. In Year view there is no room for text.
You can customize the calendar's user interface (colors, fonts and a few other things) by editing the file css/lctheme.php
If in the Event window you hover the help text next to the description, you will get an explanation on how to use URL links and images.
If you want one full month and nothing more, then go to the admin's Settings page and under Views, read the hover text for "Weeks to show in Month view".

In Month view, in front of the event title you have a small red check box. That is because in the relevant event category (Jewish 5775) you have selected "Check mark". Events in that category will have a check mark in front of the title, which can be used for instance to "check" activities which have been completed.