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Posted:  03 Jun 2015 07:34
When I click on the calendar to add a new event:
I wanted the event end time is always the default flow time + one hour
thank you
Posted:  03 Jun 2015 12:02
Hi there,
A minor change will be required to do this.
What do you exactly mean by "the default flow time"? Do you mean the event start time?
Posted:  03 Jun 2015 20:04
Hi Roel,
Thank you for your quick response.
When I click on the calendar to add a new event such 10am. The time of the end by defaults is 10:30.
I I'd like the difference between the start time  and the end time  will by default one hour.
thank you
Posted:  03 Jun 2015 22:51   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Sorry, you will have to be more clear.
What calendar version are you using?
In which view (month, week, day) do you click?
Where exactly do you click?

In month view the calendar doesn't give an end time automatically, so I assume that you mean in week view and day view. However, in those two views the end time is per default start time + 10 minutes, this however, can be changed on the admin's Settings page.

Please tell us in detail what you are doing and how you would like it to be changed
Posted:  04 Jun 2015 16:50
view week
start time 03.06.2015   10:00
end time   03.06.2015   11:00
When I chose on the calendar to create an event on time 10:00 for example, I love that the end time will be by default 10: 00+ one hour
thank you
Posted:  05 Jun 2015 14:56
On the admin's Settings page, under Views, You can change the "Time slot in Day/Week view". If you set this value to 60 minutes, when you create an event, the end time will be start time + 1 hour.
Is that ok?
Posted:  05 Jun 2015 18:42
Thanks Roel