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Posted:  03 Jun 2015 03:41
I just download your calendar and it is great.
I used the import ICS function which worked (instead of uploading a file I put the URL of the ics file I have on another website).
It charged all the events I had.
But I would like to know how can I do for the Luxcalendar to actualize when I do change on the other calendar?
Is it possible to do it? Like an auto importing ics-files every 24 hours?
Thank you for your help.
Posted:  03 Jun 2015 12:17
Hi Eric,

Unfortunately this is currently not possible. It is possible to automatically produce a .ics file daily (can be set on the admin's Settings page - cron job required)), however, automatically importing the file in another calendar is currently not possible.

Could be a nice challenge for the future.