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Posted:  26 May 2015 00:45
I need the width of the mini-calendar popup to be larger than the 160px it is now.
I've looked in all files and tried several things but can not get it to work.

How can I do this?
Posted:  26 May 2015 09:49   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,
Depends on what you mean by "mini-calendar popup".

The size of the mini calendar itself is determined by the size of the iframe container. So if you want the mini calendar itself to be displayed bigger, you have to change the size of the iframe (normally in the styles sheet of your own web page, which is the parent page of the mini calendar).

The size of the hover box with event details is variable and is currently limited to 30 characters width. It can never be bigger than the size or the mini calendar itself (its boundaries are the iframe container of the calendar).
The maximum width of 30 characters can be changed as follows:
edit the file lcmini.php and go to line 46 . . .
$popAttr = " onmouseover=\"pop(this,'{$popText}','{$popClass}',30)\"";
The 30 at the end of the code line determines the maximum width of the hover box; you can increase this value, but be careful to stay within the boundaries of the iframe.

Posted:  26 May 2015 15:22
Brilliant Roel, that's what I needed.
Sorry I did not make my question clear enough, it was kinda late already wink

I will tell my treasure keeper to make a donation in the comming days.
Please keep up this great work