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Posted:  19 May 2015 10:51
Hi Roel,

Tried upgrading to 4.2.1L and got the following message:-

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/plyespuu/public_html/calendar/upgrade421.php on line 209

Any ideas?

Posted:  19 May 2015 11:29   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,
That's interesting . . . other users may run into the same problem.

This problem is caused by the fact that you are using PHP 5.2 on your server.
For "callbacks", we're using anonymous functions the way recommended as of PHP 5.3 (to avoid security issues). However, this way of implementing callbacks is not supported by PHP 5.2. and lower.

If you can switch to PHP 5.3 or higher, then this parse error will be solved.

Posted:  19 May 2015 14:03   Last Edited By: plymouthivc
Hi Roel,

I tried to reinstall the calendar from scratch again and got this message, does it help?

Notice: Undefined index: lcSess1 in /home/plyespuu/public_html/calendar/install421.php on line 294

Tests failed:
PHP sessions not working
Check PHP installation on your server

Tests passed:
PHP version 5.2.17 Ok
PHP PDO-SQLite extension Ok
Form fields OK
Writing to the database folder 'db/'
Writing to the calendar's root folder
Writing to the 'files' folder
Writing an empty sql.log file to the 'logs' folder
Writing an empty luxcal.log file to the 'logs' folder

Correct/solve the errors/failures and test again.

I should say that the previous version of the calendar was working ok until I tried to install the new version...

Posted:  20 May 2015 16:06
Hi John,
If you can, please try switching to PHP 5.3 or higher on your server.
PHP 5.3.0 is available since 2009, which is over 5 years ago. Most providers have left PHP 5.2 behind.

Posted:  24 May 2015 12:21
All sorted!

Thank you very much Roel... thump_upthump_upthump_up