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Posted:  21 Jan 2010 12:11   Last Edited By: Roel B.
LuxCal 1.6 has been released and is available for download on the LuxCal page. This is a major update with the following changes:
User Access Rights:
Currently, when giving "Post" access rights to a user, this user can edit and delete not only his/her own calendar events, but also the events of other users. This is thump_down.
Therefore the Post access rights have been split into two separate classes:
1. Post-Own: Post events and edit/delete own calendar events
2. Post-All: Post events and edit/delete own  calendar events and the events of others.
US style User Interface:
Apart from the event dates and times, now also the format of the dates and times in the calendar headers is flexible and can be set to the US style.
Only display current month
On the Settings page one can now set Month view to display exactly one full month (e.g. the current month), irrespective of what is the current day of the month.
Flexible Dates/Times in "Notify" Email:
The flexible dates/times introduced in LuxCal 1.5 is now also applied to the email notifications sent to the users by the Notify feature.
Administrator Cannot Delete own Access Rights:
The Users page has been changed to prevent the administrator from deleting his/her own user account or removing his/her own administrator rights or view access.
Bug Fixes:
A few minor bug fixes have been solved.