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Posted:  14 May 2015 16:49
LuxCal version 4.1 SQLite
How can i remove the option "Send mail now" from the Event window.
Whenever an event is added, edited or deleted: automatically send an email to the user and to admin ($calendarEmail)
Cornjob is not supported by serverprovider.
I've searched the forum but didn't immediately  find a solution.
Posted:  16 May 2015 20:43
Hi there,

If your provider doesn't support cron jobs, you could use an external free cron job service. For instance search for "free cron job service"free cron job service" and you will find several solutions. The free service should start the script lcalcorn.php in the calendar root directory.
If you want to do this, you should comment out (put '//' at the start of the line) line 48 of the file lcalcron.php in the calendar root directory.

If you don't want to use an external service, a software change will be needed to do what you asked in your post above.

First let me know what you prefer, and then I will try to help you further.
Posted:  16 May 2015 22:34   Last Edited By: Motarke

I would rather not use an external  cornjob service.
It is important that the administrator and if  possible also the manager  get a notification that a new event, modification or deletion in the calendar has bin made. The reason is that all events must be approved by the admin or manager, and it's not possible to check the calendar every day.
However, the users know themself that they made an adjustment so if the users don"t get a notification, we can always send an email when the the approval is done.
Is it possible to use the e-mail list to do the job?

Many thanks for the help