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Posted:  12 May 2015 08:30

In the calendar we have 1admin 1 manager and 10 users.
After the manager changed his password, he can no longer log in, the manager is no longer visible in the administrator section 'users' list.
If I want to recreate it, I get the notification, user and email already exists.
How can I fix this?
LuxCal version 4.1 SQLite
Posted:  12 May 2015 13:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

This is a bug in V4.1, which has been solved in the next version which will be released shortly. What happens is that the groupID is blanked out when changing the admin password.
As you discovered, the admin profile is still present, but not visible any more.

What you should do is use a tool to access the SQLite database (e.g. phpLiteAdmin, as supplied with the calendar), go to the table "users" and set the groupID to 2. Thereafter the profile will be back again.

If you don't know how to do this, you could send me your database file and I will change it for you and send the file back to you.

Posted:  12 May 2015 17:05
Your solution worked perfectly, Thanks
calendar works perfectly nowthump_upbiggrin
Posted:  13 May 2015 19:54
This has happened to me as well, but I'm lost here.

Is the file you want called localhost.sql?
Posted:  13 May 2015 20:20   Last Edited By: plymouthivc
Yes really lost here, I have upload phpLite Admin and it says "Welcome to phpLiteAdmin. It appears that you have selected to scan a directory for databases to manage. However, phpLiteAdmin could not find any valid SQLite databases. You may use the form below to create your first database."

Starting to panic here, lost the calendar and it needs to be changed asap...ohmy

Posted:  14 May 2015 08:49
I don't know what is now happening, I had about a hundred appointments a month and now there are only a few?.

I keep getting an error that i am not authorised to edit users when i am simply trying to view the calendar...

Posted:  14 May 2015 09:31   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,

Don't panic smile
Your database file is called "mycal.cdb" and it's (normally) located in the calendar's /db folder.
Send this file to me by email; I will then analyse the file and help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.

After the problem has been solved, I will delete your database file from my server.

Posted:  14 May 2015 09:50
Thanks Roel..

Sending file to you...

Posted:  16 Jul 2015 17:16
Hi John.

I've tried to change my password and i can't login.

If I send you "mycal.cdb" would you please help me?
Posted:  16 Jul 2015 23:41
Hi there,

It's not John who solves this, it's me (Roel) smile
Yes, send me your mycal.cdb file (via the email address on the Contact Us page) and I will help you.