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Posted:  02 Apr 2015 11:31

When i changed the e-mail adress for the administrator account i cannot login anymore.
I tried to send new password and i recieve the new password but still i get "The username/email or password is not valid"

What can have happened?

/ Mikael
Posted:  02 Apr 2015 21:03   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Mikael,

You are using LuxCal version 4.1.0 (the SQLite version), I assume.
I could reproduce your problem and I'm afraid you ran into a bug in the calendar software.
What happened is that when you changed the mail address of the admin account, the field in the user profile containing the ID of the group to which the admin belongs got lost, because of the bug.

You can fix the bug by editing the file pages/users.php and change line 106 from . . .

    echo "<td><input type='hidden' name='group' id='group' value='{$user['grpID']}'><span{$color}>{$row['name']}</span></td>n";

into . . .

    echo "<td><input type='hidden' name='grpID' id='grpID' value='{$user['grpID']}'><span{$color}>{$row['name']}</span></td>n";

So 2x change "group" to "grpID".

If you prefer, I can also send you the changed users.php file, but then you will have to send me your mail address.

To get the admin account back, you should use an external tool (e.g. phpLiteAdmin), to look into your SQLite database, open the users table, edit the row with the admin account data and set the groupID to 2. That's all.
If you don't manage to do so, let me know and I will try to help.

Thanks for reporting this problem.
Posted:  10 Apr 2015 08:06
Hi Roel!,

Many thanks for your help!,
Your suggestion worked like a charm.

Best Regards,