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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Can we open calendar with a particular category using a variable in URL?
Posted:  27 Mar 2015 04:38
Hi Everybody,

I would like to ask if possible or not to open c calendar based on the category by putting variable in the URL address?

for example, i want open calID=1 with categoryID=2
so i should put

Is it possible?
btw how to create multiple calendars ya? i only have one calendarID and i dunno how to create the second and so on..

Posted:  27 Mar 2015 23:26   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

Yes,this is possible.
Please note the following:
- The calendar ID is a text string. The default calendar ID is "mycal".
- Since you can open the calendar with one or more event categories, you have to enter the category as an array (so with [ ]).
Calendar ID "frodo" with category 2:[]=2
Calendar ID "frodo" with categories 2 and 6[]=2&cC[]=6

How to create a second, third, etc. calendar depends on what LuxCal version you are using.
Let me know and I will help you.