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Posted:  24 Feb 2015 15:06
This is the second install I use. The first one works great.
However, with this install I can't get the selected language to work.
None of the languages appear in the front end.

I have no idea what else I can try to make this work.
Anny suggestions?

Posted:  28 Feb 2015 18:42
Hi John,
What exactly do you mean?
What was the "first install" and what is the "second install" (which LuxCal version)?
What do  you mean by "I can't get the selected language to work"? Do you mean that the language specified on the admin's Settings page is not selected? Or don't you see any text on the user interface, or . . .?
What do you mean by "none of the languages appear in the front end"? Do you mean the language selection drop down menu doesn't appear in the Options menu? What do you mean by "front end"?
Posted:  04 Jul 2015 18:03   Last Edited By: Roel B.

Instal today the Lux Cal version 3.2.3
all the language files are on the server side in the map lang (Nederlands enz.), but when in admin change the language nothing change, the EN language stays.

Thans For help
Posted:  07 Jul 2015 13:28
Hello Frans,
That's correct.
If you change the default language on the admin's Settings page to Nederlands, the default language for new users will be Nederlands.
But since you yourself are logged in, the calendar remembers that you are currently using the English language.

If on the admins Settings page, under "user accounts", "Restore last user selections" is disabled and you have been logged off for a longer period (so, no PHP session active anymore), you will get the default language (Nederlands in this example).
Posted:  09 Jul 2015 14:02
Hello Roel,

Thanks , its Ok now  thump_up