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Posted:  11 Feb 2015 21:24
I have a website that I want to use the calendar in both the public and logged in areas of my website. I want the public area of my site to only have viewing capabilities and the logged in area edit of their own entries and viewing capabilities. How do I add a second page to go back to depending on if the person is logged in or not? Right now if I put the parent page as the public home page the person has to log back in to be in the logged in area. If I put the  logged in page  as the parent page anyone without a log in can get into the logged in home page.

Also, with the parent page set to the logged in page, navigating to the calendar from the public home page I get an error "You are not authorized to perform this action". Not sure what action it thinks I am trying to do, but it should just show the calendar. I am new to this and may have overlooked an answer in another forum so please bear with me. Thanks.

Posted:  13 Feb 2015 20:19   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

The fix for this depends on the LuxCal version you are using.
For a mysterious reason this forum removes back slashes from posted code; therefore it would be better if you would send me an email (via the Contact Us page) with the LuxCal version you are using. I will then send you a fix to be able to use two separate back links, depending on if the person is logged in or not.