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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / how the mobile view works?
Posted:  28 Jan 2015 11:28
Inside the header. I found the "case m" which your put a comment "mobile view".
I' just wondering how that mobile view works?
Posted:  28 Jan 2015 18:52
On the index.php file (around line 111) a function "isMobile()" is called. This function finds out if the calendar is being viewed from a mobile device with a reduced screen size or from a computer with a normal screen size.
If the calendar is viewed from a device with a limited screen size, the session variable $_SESSION['mobile'] is set to "true". This variable is used by various scripts to leave out certain display items that are not so important on a mobile device (e.g. print buttons).
Posted:  29 Jan 2015 13:21