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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / is there a way to sync with adroid ?
Posted:  23 Jan 2015 16:49
I like the calender very much, but I only can use it when I can sync it with my android tablet/phone.

I have searched this forum, but I had found any hint. Is there no way to sync ?

Posted:  24 Jan 2015 23:27
Hi There,
Unfortunately there is no direct way to sync the LuxCal calendar with tablets and phones.
The calendar can export events (on request of the admin, or automatically) into an iCal (.ics) file. This iCal file should thereafter be imported by your adroid device.
That's all what's possible at the moment.
We have not yet developed an adroid app that communicates with the LuxCal calendar sad

Posted:  19 Nov 2015 17:00
Sorry to hit on an old thread , however i must ask a similar question , but i don't think the issue would be to create a mobile app , what would be helpful is if luxcal would allow communication with existing apps that come built into phones and tablets , EG: i have an iPhone 6splus that comes with a built in calendar , on said calendar it allows subscriptions to other calendars or even importing other calendars it allows sync with gmail calendars , and scores of other calendars ,what would it take to have luxcal do the same ? once again it's not a matter of developing an app just using an existing one and allowing luxcal to sync to it in either subscription form or an ics feed , maybe rss feed or even via the url,
Posted:  22 Nov 2015 00:14
Hi there,
I have no experience with interfacing with mobile apps. I agree this would be really useful and I think it would not be extremely difficult. I will search the web to gain some knowledge in this area.
Posted:  04 Mar 2016 23:24
Adding LuxCal to Google Calendar

After logging in to your Google calendar account at
Click on the drop down menu labeled “Other calendars” and select the “Add by URL” option.

Enter the calendar URL ( into the “URL” field. Click the “Add Calendar” button to finish adding the calendar to your Google account.

You can then configure notifications through your google calendar dashboard that are synced daily to Luxcal!! (if you have the cron job setup)
Posted:  19 Apr 2017 14:48
Is it possible to use the calendar offline? ( sync if online again)?
Best regards from germany!

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