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Posted:  20 Jan 2015 14:28
how to change your background color to not scrollable image
Posted:  20 Jan 2015 19:54   Last Edited By: Roel B.
That's pure HTML. You can find an example here.
So, in the LuxCal file css/css.php add the following code for instance just below line 23:


body { background-image: url("w3css.gif"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }

and change the background image URL to your own image.

Posted:  25 Jan 2015 08:32
Hi, Roel! thanks for your replythump_up.
I recently working on adding themes in your calendar.
my another question is how can i define a picture/photo/image in the lctheme(replacing the colors)?
Is this possible? looking forward to your reply. thanks in advance.
Sorry if have too many question. It's because I'm using your calendar for educational purposes.
Posted:  25 Jan 2015 18:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you want. You want to replace colors by a picture, but what colors? and where on the user interface?

Posted:  26 Jan 2015 22:05
Thanks for the reply, Roel!smile
under the css folder you grouped up all the font sizes, colors, and borders on the file "lctheme,php" you called each of every code using "define" e.g define("BGND2","#E0E0E0"); //background body.
I was wondering in I can change "#E0E0E0" by some kind of URL to call some image, e.g "define("BGND2","image:URL"./thumbnails/september.jpeg"); //background body(this is just a example)"
Or you have another great idea to change the background so easy?

.Looking forward to your reply.biggrin
Posted:  28 Jan 2015 18:36   Last Edited By: Roel B.
If you just want to put an background image, it's easier to add the body style as described in my first replay to the css/css.php file.
If you want to change the image often and make it more flexible, you could for instance change line 24 of file css.css.php from . . .

body, select, td, th {font:".FONT0.";}

to . . .

body, select, td, th {font:".FONT0."; background-image:".BGIMG."; background-repeat:".BGREP."; background-attachment:".BGATT.";}

and then add to file css/lctheme.php the following entries . . .


define("BGIMG","./images/mybackground.png"); //location
define("BGREP","no-repeat"); //repetition
define("BGATT","fixed"); //attachement

Note: This has not been tested.
Posted:  29 Jan 2015 13:46
i tried, but not that successful sad.
did you have any idea how to add themes.?
i tried copying the logic of how the languages change, but i can't i think there's a table of language in the database right?
Posted:  06 Feb 2015 14:57   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The various languages are stored in separate files, each language uses three files . . .
The English user interface texts, for example, are store in the following files:
ui-english.php - normal user interface
ai-english.php - admin pages user interface
ug-english.php - user guide (Help)
Which language files should be used is determined by the language selected by the user (stored in the users table of the database. If no language has been specified for a user, the default language specified on the admin's Settings page is taken.
Posted:  16 Feb 2015 13:20
To Roel,

I was able to call the file using this

$adminTheme = (file_exists('ui-'.strtolower($_SESSION['cT']).'.php')) ? $_SESSION['cT'] : "Default";
require 'ui-'.strtolower($adminTheme).'.php'; //admin theme file

but i can't change the default theme in the settings.
I also mange to show the check box on the setting and also the dropdown box, but it didn't change into which file i selected. Is the problem came from the save button? cause when i choose and save it will back to the default option.