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Posted:  03 Jan 2015 13:00
Hi Roel,

Now this will seem a very basic question ohmy

I have been running on version 3.2.0 for the last year or so and am very happy with things so I am in no great need to change anything, especially as some of the files have been subtly changed (fonts & wording etc.).

I am however looking at whether I should consider upgrading, but if I do decide to do so I do not know enough about SQL to decide which version (MySQL or SQLite) to install.

I have looked around the forum and website, but I cannot seem to find any ideas about how to choose between them.

Your views would be gratefully received.

Kind regards - John
Posted:  03 Jan 2015 14:38   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,

If you are happy with version 3.2.0, I would suggest to stay with this version a bit longer.

Because of the following:
Currently the SQLite version (v4.1.0) of the calendar is the most advanced and up to date version.
At the moment the MySQL version (v3.2.3) is being upgraded to the same level. We are in the testing phase and hope to release the upgraded version second half of January.
This MySQL upgrade is a major, mostly technical, overhaul, which brings this version to the same level as the SQLite version (with user groups and some other improvements).
The MySQL version actually needs a technical upgrade because v3.2.3 is using PHP's original MySQL extension, which is deprecated as of PHP 5.5. This is no big deal, but we want the calendar to be state-of-the-art and are therefore upgrading to the more versatile PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension.

MySQL vs SQLite:
Which one to use is hard to say; both versions are more than adequate for the LuxCal calendar application. Lots of websites describe the differences.
I've some personal preference for SQLite, because  . . .
- SQLite is embedded in PHP and doesn't use a server. So no setup needed and very fast.
- the SQLite database is stored in a single file and therefore is very portable. The db file can simply be copied (backup) or moved to an other directory or server by the user.
MySQL works fine too; the disadvantage of MySQL is that it needs to be set up separately, so it requires some db knowledge of the administrator.
From the calendar user perspective there is no difference.

Hope this helps,
Posted:  03 Jan 2015 15:39   Last Edited By: plymouthivc
Yes very useful Roel smile

I'll stick with 3.2.0 for the while then, it is working for us very well even with the limited technical ability of the majority of my users!

Thanks as always, and I hope that 2015 is a great year for you cool