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Posted:  27 Dec 2014 14:55   Last Edited By: Roel B.
This LuxCal version is a complete overhaul of the calendar, where the MySQL database has been replaced by the SQlite database using the PDO (PHP Data Objects) abstraction layer. It contains many improvements, bug fixes and new functionality.

Changes / Improvements
- When adding/editing event categories, a "Day color" check box can be checked with the following effect: The full background of the days on which an event belonging to such a category falls, will get the color of this category. This can be useful for instance to highlight bank holidays, birthdays, etc.
- Maximum length of the fields title, venue, extra field 1 and extra field 2 increased from 64 to 100 characters.
- The 'date modified' is set only if the time between adding and updating an event > 10 minutes. This is done to give the user 10 minutes to correct for instance typing errors.
- At the end of the cron job script a message is logged, saying the cron job completed correctly.
- For security reasons a time out value of 5 minutes has been introduced for log in, registration and change my data actions.
- The current date in the title bar of the calendar has been made a hyperlink which, when selected, will return the calendar to the current date. This is a short-cut for selecting 'Today' in the date picker.
- In the 'repeat' overlay of the event window, the three radio buttons are now automatically selected when one of the corresponding repeat values is clicked.
- The database related functions have been moved to a separate script. This is done to make the calendar scripts as much as possible independent of the selected database type (MySQL or SQLite).
- For the venue field in the Event window auto-complete functionality has been added for all venues used in Month view.
- Adding the empty parameter cD to the calendar URL, e.g., will force the calendar to the current date.
- The regular expression for URL validation has been changed to accept top-level domain names of up to 15 characters.+10
- When a user added an event which needs approval, the event was not visible any more to the owner of the event until after approval by the manager. This has changed; events which need approval and have not yet been approved, remain visible to the owner of the event.
- Date in RFC format added to email headers to avoid emails to be identified as spam by e.g. spamassasin.

Bug fixes
- When in the event check window the checkbox is (un)checked and Done is selected, the window should not be displayed any more, as this will result in undefined variables ($tit and $clb).
- When the admin disables the mail server, the 'send mail' section in the Event window is suppressed. As a side effect however, also other mail functions, like sending an email with password after a self-registration, were disabled. This has been corrected, other mail functions will now revert to PHP mail when the mail server is disabled.
- The inconsistent processing of single and double quotes in the fields title, venue, description, extra field 1 and extra field 2 has been solved.
- Bug in SQLite SQL statement. When activated on the admin's Settings page, the automatic removal of 'expired' events was not working.
- Problem in function 'unregisterGlobals' solved. This problem occurs if in the php.ini file register_globals are turned on.
- When on the Settings page in the Event template - General views the 'date/time added/edited and the associated users' (7) was not specified, then these data were still present in the event report. This has been solved.
- Data types in db table definitions normalized. The SQLite data types are now identical to the MySQL data types. Row names have been wrapped in back-ticks (`) to avoid interference with reserved words in the database.
- Problem with retrieving privileges and accessible categories from the user's group solved.
- The user's last selections should only be restored for logged in users.
- In the LuxCal tools the Replicate function didn't work for user groups. This has been solved.
- Validation error in the daily exported iCal events file, caused by the two extra fields, solved.
- Private events are now flagged as "private" in the generated iCal file (CLASS:PRIVATE).
- Bug solved: When the admin edits its own user account the groupID got lost and thereafter the user account was not visible any more.
- Several other minor bugs fixed.