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Posted:  03 Dec 2014 04:27

Thank you for your help earlier, i was able to fix the SQL error by turning off the global restrictions. I could really use your help with the side bar. I cannot seem to get it to work. If you visit youll see a "latest news-keep up to date" section. That is where I could like to put it.  Could you view the page source and show me the appropriate code to use ? biggrin

Thanks again!
Posted:  03 Dec 2014 18:18   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi FF-559,

Normally we don't help calendar users who remove the LuxSoft link at the right lower corner of the calendar.
But ok, it's almost Christmas, I will make one exception.

1. Edit the source of your home page
- Add to the <head> part of the page the following two lines:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="calendar/css/css_sbar.php">
<script src="calendar/common/toolbox.js"></script>

- Replace in the <body> part . . .

<!-- news list -->
. . .
. . .
<!-- ENDS news-list -->

- by . . .

<!-- luxcal side bar -->
$sbClass = 'sideBar';
$sbHeader = 'Upcoming';
include './calendar/lcsbar.php';
<!-- ENDS luxcal side bar-->

Note: You can change the $sbHeader variable into the side bar header text you want.

2. RENAME YOUR index.html FILE INTO index.php. This is important.

3. Tailor the side bar styles
Now, instead of using the 'NEWS LIST' styles in your css/styles.css file, you should edit the file calendar/css/css_sbar.php and change the 'div.sideBar' style to specify the styles of your side bar (position, height, width, margins, etc.). In the header of the same file you can tailor the colors, the fonts and a couple of other things.
You can also pass parameters to the side bar script for instance to select, or exclude, certain event categories. For all possibilities see the installation_guide.html.

Posted:  04 Dec 2014 20:36

I appreciate all your help and will add the LuxSoft link back if you could provide me with the code. I am having a brain fart and cannot remember what or where it was. ohmy

Also, (just curious)

- Is it possible to create an email script for the event notifications that would send a plain text email. [no color, no background, ect] something with minimum details like:

Subject: New Event

Title: "Title of event"
Date: "Date" and "start time only"
Description: Description

The reason I ask is because we have Email to Mobile Text Message but with the current setup when we receive the text message it is very cluttered, hard to follow ect. If If i could send an email that is very plain it would be awesome!!

- Is that hard to do? thump_upthump_upbiggrinbiggrin
Posted:  17 Dec 2014 12:50
Hi Steven,

This requires a program change.
I've sent you this change by email.