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Posted:  26 Nov 2014 23:29
I have been trying to install v3.2.3. The instructions reference browsing to install.php. There wasn't one. Tried install323.php. Tried renaming install323.php to install.php. Tried lots of things. Never go it to work.
Downloaded v2.4.2 from Sourceforge and it went right just like the instructions said. No problems. UP and running. I haven't been able to find updated instructions for install 3.2.3. Anybody know what to do? Especially how to start the script.  Running it on Xampp 5.6.3. Thanks.
Posted:  27 Nov 2014 13:26
The installation should run and works perfectly for me. Just so you can see I have uploaded 3.2.3 to my server. I didn't set up a MySQL database so you can't install anything but you will see the installation runs as soon as you go into the directory.

Download the zip file again here and upload everything. I started with version 2.7.x as I recall so don't know if 3.2.3 will upgrade from 2.4.2 but it should prompt you to upgrade. Just make a backup of your lconfig.php file.

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Posted:  28 Nov 2014 00:27   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Ah, wait a moment, are you trying to upgrade from version 2.4.2?

If so, then - as said in the "release_notes_luxcal_3.2.3.html' file - you should first upgrade to LuxCal 2.7.2! If you drop me an email (via the Contact Us page), I will send you v2.7.2.

This is needed because LuxCal 2.4.2 is a long time ago sad


PS. Thanks Dan for reminding me.
Posted:  01 Dec 2014 21:29
Thanks for both of your replies. to clarify I setup LuxCal on Abyess web server a couple of years ago and it works great. I just wanted to see if I could make a new installation just for practice. I used another computer and setup Xampp instead of Abyess. When I upzipped the 3.2.3 files I could not find "install.php". That is when I tried the install3.2.3.php etc,

After that failed is when I download 2.4.2 from sourceforge. It had an "install.php" and it ran fine. I never attempted an upgrade. I just installed 2.4.2 to make sure Xampp setup would work.

I just want to know if there is supposed to be an install.php in 3.2.3 and if not what do you do?

Posted:  01 Dec 2014 23:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Unfortunately the installation guide mentions install.php, which should be installxxx.php, where 'xxx' is the calendar version. So indeed there is no install.php, there is only a install323.php file in the latest LuxCal MySQL version.

What goes wrong when you run install323.php? We received no complaints from other users and we are interested why install323.php doesn't work for you.

Posted:  02 Dec 2014 19:13
The best I can remember everytime I browsed to the install323.php file it would open as a text file just like I had opened it in Notepad. This happened in Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome. I decided to find a previous version to see if it would run and it did. I did that just to make sure my antivirus or browser settings weren't preventing it from running.