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Posted:  21 Nov 2014 09:01

When you print an event and you have a large a amount of test in the Description it does not print the full text area but only the first three or four rows.

Is there a quick fix to print the entire contents.

Thanks in advance
Posted:  21 Nov 2014 09:33
just to clarify - if you are logged in then the above happens
Posted:  22 Nov 2014 20:40   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello there,

Yeah, this is a known problem. Printing a HTML page is always a pain. The problem is that an HTML 'textarea' is printed as displayed in the browser. So if the size of a textarea is 3 lines, and it contains 10 lines of text, then only 3 lines will be printed.
There is of course a way to overcome this problem, but it's rather cumbersome. Using JavaScript (so on the client side) a temporary window should be opened, all fields should be copied to this temp window, this temp window should then be printed and then it should be closed again. We did not implement this feature in the Luxcal calendar.

What you could do is in the Event window increase the number of lines of the description <textarea>, so that the full description is (almost) always visible.