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Posted:  10 Nov 2014 23:55
Dear Roel,

it happens occasionally that an event is created without a title.
These events apparently can't be accessed, edited and deleted.
Do you have any suggestion how to handle these?

Many thanks,

Posted:  11 Nov 2014 17:59
Hi Imre,

There is no special function in the calendar to access/delete events which have no title. Normally it should not be possible to add events without a title.
However, if you have events without title in the calendar database, I suggest to use an external tool on your server, like phpMyAdmin, to view the calendar's events table and to remove these events with an empty title.

If you know of a way to add events without title, please let us know, so that we can correct the software.

Best regards,
Posted:  11 Nov 2014 20:14
Hi Roel,

thanks for your response.

In our calendar there are a couple of these "zombie" events.
The last one was added by me simply clicking (inadvertently)
"Add and close" without filling in the title.

Quick test:
if i "Add" w/o title an error message appears in
the Event window, but the event is added anyway.
As long as the Event window is open one can add a title
and make the Event accessible, but if the Event window is closed
the event will be represented  by a blank box and can not be accessed
any more.

It also comes up as a  blank line in the upcoming event list,
but i realize now that here  it can be opened as an event by clicking
on the blank line. This is a solution.


Posted:  16 Nov 2014 22:58
Hi Imre,

Yeah, I forgot . . . there is a minor bug in LuxCal 3.2.3 which makes it possible to add events without a title. This bug has been corrected and in future versions this will not be possible any more.