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Posted:  28 Oct 2014 04:30
Can you provide information on how the passwords are generated in MySQL.  I am converting my user data to a new system that uses MSSQL, and I cannot generate the same passwords that are in MySQL.  I thought they were SHA1 encrypted, but it seems that a different cryptography is being used?  It would be great if there was a tool to get the user information, or even if I knew how to generate the same passwords in C#, I could make it work.  My email address is .  Thank you!
Posted:  28 Oct 2014 10:07
Hi there,
I've sent you an answer by email.
Posted:  25 Jan 2015 08:59
hi, Roel. I found this post a little bit connected to my question. when i "checked" the self registration on the setting(admin rights) and I registered using it, the password say's that the password is send by an email. but i can't found the generated password on my email(which is the email entered on the registration).
Posted:  25 Jan 2015 19:06
Hi there,

There is a bug in the mail system, which will be solved in the next release.
On the admin's Settings page, under "Email settings", you should enable PHP mail and then it should work.

Posted:  26 Jan 2015 22:16
Hello Roel,

PHP Mail is already selected at that time, but it doesn't work.
btw thanks for your time. appreciate it.thump_up
Posted:  28 Jan 2015 18:42
Try, when adding/editing an event, to send a direct email reminder (send mail "now") and see if an email is successfully sent.
If this works, then we know that the mail system is working. Some providers don't allow email sending.