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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / How to have the Year View as the Default with options bar removed?
Posted:  21 Oct 2014 00:52

firstly thank you for such a great script thump_up

there are 2 main things that I want from it - the mini calendar which I have tweaked so that it fits nicely onto my site without any details so that one is sorted.

the other thing I would like to know how to do is to have the default view for the calendar set as the year without  the options row showing.

I just want the public to be able to see which days are booked (I am using it as a booking calendar) - the adding events etc is done in another part of my site and the approval etc is done in a closed admin section of the site.

Thank you for your time biggrin
Posted:  21 Oct 2014 13:00
Hi there,

Default calendar view
On the admin's Settings page, under the header Navigation Bar, you can set the "Default view on start-up".

Suppress Navigation Bar
You can suppress the Navigation Bar by adding "?hdr=0" to the calendar URL. So:

Posted:  22 Oct 2014 07:05
Perfect - thank you! thump_up