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Posted:  19 Oct 2014 12:49
I'm using this calendar for some days now and must say it's a great one!
All is clear but one thing: what does the 'task list' show (empty) and how do I add a task?
Can't find it in help

Posted:  19 Oct 2014 14:05
Hi John,

Welcome to the forum and LuxCal. You're right it's an excellent program and Roel provides excellent support.

I have the "To Do" button turned off since I don't have any "Tasks" but your question peaked my curiosity so turned it on. I too couldn't find out how to add a Task. A task in a way is like an event, you have to get the job done like take your car in for an oil change but I didn't see where you could define it as a task so it would show on the "Todo".

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Posted:  19 Oct 2014 19:35   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John and Dan,

How it works is explained in the admin_guide.html under 3b - "Event Check Mark and To Do List".
I just found out there are two sections 3a (which I will correct). So have a look at the second 3a.
If you still have question on how the To Do list works, don't hesitate to come back and ask.