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Posted:  04 Sep 2014 13:26
I'd like to be able to auto login i.e not go to the public view from a URL.  Is this possible and if it is can you point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

Posted:  05 Sep 2014 09:12
Hi ffaffer,

When you log in, you can check the "Remember me" box; the next time you visit the calendar, there should be no need to log in.
If this is not what you mean, please give us further details. And give us the LuxCal version you are using.
Posted:  05 Sep 2014 20:48
Thanks Roel.

I'm using version 3.2.3.  I was hoping to avoid using cookies  and create a shortcut using a full URL including user name and password for example  Is that possible?

Posted:  06 Sep 2014 21:36
Hello ffaffer,

This is not possible.
Avoiding cookies is nowadays not easy; almost every website is using cookies.
The LuxCal calendar is using three types of cookies:
- in case of multiple calendars, to remember which was the last selected calendar
- the last user selections, i.e. last visited page, user/category filter, language
- user id, if 'Remember me' was selected during log in

So logging in by passing the uid and pw in the URL - if this was possible - will only avoid one cookie.