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Posted:  11 Aug 2014 22:19   Last Edited By: Roel B.
This LuxCal version is a complete overhaul of the calendar, where the MySQL database has been replaced by the SQlite database using the PDO (PHP Data Objects) abstraction layer. It contains many improvements, bug fixes and new functionality.

- Complete overhaul while replacing the MySQL database (database server) by the SQLite database (embedded database), resulting in a even more easy installation of the calendar and more flexibility.
- User groups, for which the rights and the available event categories can be specified, have been introduced. Users are assigned to user groups.
- Improved handling of expired PHP sessions; calendar ID and user ID retrieved from cookies, current calendar page reset and possible POST-variables unset.
- Spoofed form submission (CSRF) vulnerability solved by using a one-time token for each HTML form. When a spoofed form submission occurs, it will be logged in the luxcal.log file.
- SQL injection vulnerability solved. The GET variables were not validated. SQL injection attempts (illegal GET-values) will be logged in the LuxCal.log file.
- Sort button added to category list to sort categories on name.
- Slovene language pack (translation by David) and Bulgarian language pack (translation by Radoslav Yovev) added.
- To avoid changes in the display order of multi-day events, events are now sorted on start time, category sequence number and title.
- Separate section ("Before You Start") dedicated to avoiding the download and exploit of the SQLite database file(s).
- For the stand-alone sidebar A new parameter $sbWeekDay has been added. With this parameter it is possible to specify a specific week day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) for which events should be shown.
- When importing a CSV file, all-day events are shown with a blank start time and end time (rather than 00:00 and 23:59). Parsing of the CSV input file improved. Check for header line before ignoring, blank time fields result in all day events, the last four fields (end date, start time, end time and description) may be omitted, if not used. So the minimum number of fields per line must be 4. If one of the lines has less than 4 fields, an error message is displayed.
- When importing an iCal file all-day events are displayed with a blank start time and end time (rather than 00:00 and 23:59).
- In the Event window, the repetition interval for days, weeks, months and years has been made more flexible and is now freely selectable from 1 - 99.
- Instructions and files to implement LDAP integration have been added to the LuxCal toolbox folder. The LDAP Integration module has been produced by Martin Dziobek, HLRS Uni Stuttgart. For further details see the README.txt file in the ldapmod folder in the LuxCal toolbox.
- The texts "Test mail" and "This test mail was sent ..." in the test mail which can be sent from the Settings page has moved to the language files and consequently can be defined per language.
- Dedicated color for header titles added. So now, if the background color for headers is set to a dark color, the header text can be set to a contrasting color.
- Toolbox (lctools.php) for multiple calendars completely revised and improved.
- Style of radio buttons changed for better alignment.
- Style of select-boxes improved.
- many more minor changes and improvements.

Bug fixes
- In the cron job summary, in the list of sent reminders each reminder sent should be displayed on a separate line (<br> added).
- Shrink wrapping in the options panel didn't work properly. Size of panel minimized.
- updating user login dates and login counter fixed and simplified.
- When reloading the main calendar page use 'location.href' instead of 'location.reload', to avoid 'resend info' request.