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Posted:  11 Aug 2014 12:59
Hello everyone,

I've been struggling editing this. I want my calendar to send all registered users (either that or from mailist) an email on new event, or when notification is set to be sent. I tried changing $nml in event.php but I made no success. Can anyone suggest me a right option to set this?

Posted:  11 Aug 2014 19:33   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

First there are a couple of things to discuss . . .
- Sending an email notification to a mail list is very easy, but not so flexible. Every time a new user registers, the email list has to be updated. However, if you have a rather stable number of users, this is maybe the way to go.
- If you prefer to generate the email list dynamically, from the users table in the database, a program change is needed. I can do this for you, but whenever you want to upgrade to a new LuxCal version, you will have to re-apply the change.
- If you have many users and regular updates of the calendar, the number of emails to be sent can be considerable. If you are using PHP mail (see admin's Settings page), you may run into trouble with your ISP. ISPs generally don't accept too many emails; they're afraid of their clients sending spam. So you may consider switching to SMTP mail, if not done already.

Let me know which way you want to go and I will see what I can do for you.
Posted:  12 Aug 2014 11:53
Dear Roel,

Thank you very much for your answer. I would prefer to have an mail list which is (I believe) easiest way to do this? I have around 15 users with no need for update of list (at this point), so first option will do the job.

Thank you very much!
Posted:  12 Aug 2014 21:32
Ok, that's fine.
A few more questions:
So you want an email notification sent to all users when a new event is added.
Do you also want a notification sent to all users when an event is edited?
And also when an event is deleted?
If so, then the "send mail now" check box is redundant and can be removed.
If a user selects to have a reminder sent x days before the event is due, do you want this reminder to be sent x days before the event is due to all users?
Posted:  13 Aug 2014 10:11
Thanks for the update Roel,

What I was thinking about is to get the field of emails (on add/edit form of event) populated from txt file from mailist folder. I already have txt file with emails (one email per line). I found it was possible in earlier versions, but I couldn't figure it out for current version?

Is it still possible?

Posted:  19 Aug 2014 16:24
Hello Roel,

Please update me once you can regarding this.

I also can go with this option:

"- If you prefer to generate the email list dynamically, from the users table in the database, a program change is needed. I can do this for you, but whenever you want to upgrade to a new LuxCal version, you will have to re-apply the change. "

So please send me the details.

Posted:  20 Aug 2014 08:56   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Vladimir,

I've sent you some changed files and further details!
Posted:  21 Aug 2014 13:28

You're right, PHP's mail is ok for a limited number of emails. Even using SMTP has its' limits. GoDaddy's limit is 250 per day and even my own ISP's limit is 500 a day. A calendar with a number of users adding, editing or deleting events could exceed the limits fairly quickly.

That being said, for a small community calendar with a limited number of users I can see where doing away with the box "send email" and using the mail list would be a nice feature. This of course is only for a private calendar because the public who aren't users would never receive an email.

While I don't currently need the feature and at this point don't see where I ever will but for those that might want / benefit from it if it isn't difficult to add in as an option perhaps it could be added in a future version.
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Posted:  18 Nov 2014 15:30
Hello Roel,

I am interested in something similar to this email list notification. In my best wish list: when a user registers they would be able to subscribe (email notifications of any changes/additions/deletions) to any of the various categories in the event list.  The user would have the ability to also change their subscription list in their login information at any given time. This would give users the ability to find out via email if there is any changes to any of the categories of events. I hope that makes sense. I am using the latest sqlite version.  Is something this possible? Thanks.

Posted:  22 Jan 2015 05:04
Hello Roel,

I am interested in usin the mail list option for updating users as well, Is it possible to send me the files needed for this option.

Thank You

Posted:  24 Jan 2015 23:58   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Denni,

When adding/editing an event, when you specify the number of days for an email reminder, you can use an email list in the destination field.
The option for users to subscribe to email reminders with calendar changes for one or several event categories has not been implemented yet sad