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Posted:  17 Jul 2014 21:01
Moin Roel,

i have a small problem with the MySQL database. I can not see my calendar.
It appears an error, look in your MySQL database.

Script name: /luxcal/index.php
MySQL error: Unknown column 'c.chbox' in 'field list'
Query string: SELECT
        e.s_date AS sda,
        e.e_date AS eda,
        DATE_FORMAT(e.s_time,'%H:%i') AS sti,
        DATE_FORMAT(e.e_time,'%H:%i') AS eti,
        e.r_type AS r_t,
        e.r_interval AS r_i,
        e.r_period AS r_p,
        e.r_month AS r_m,
        e.r_until AS r_u,
        e.notify AS rem,
        e.not_mail AS rml,
        e.a_datetime AS adt,
        e.m_datetime AS mdt,
        e.event_id AS eid,
        e.event_type AS typ,
        e.title AS tit,
        e.category_id AS cid,
        e.venue AS ven,
        e.description AS des,
        e.xfield1 AS xf1,
        e.xfield2 AS xf2,
        e.user_id AS uid,
        e.editor AS edr,
        e.approved AS apd,
        e.private AS pri,
        e.checked AS chd,
        e.x_dates AS xda, AS cnm,
        c.approve AS app,
        c.sequence AS seq,
        c.rpeat AS rpt,
        c.color AS cco,
        c.background AS cbg,
        c.chbox AS cbx,
        c.chlabel AS clb,
        c.chmark AS cmk,
        u.user_name AS una,
        u.color AS uco
    FROM [db]events AS e
    INNER JOIN [db]categories AS c ON c.category_id = e.category_id
    INNER JOIN [db]users AS u ON u.user_id = e.user_id
    WHERE e.status >= 0 AND c.public = 1
        AND c.rpeat = 0
        AND e.r_type = 0
        AND ((e.s_date <= '2014-07-27') AND (IF(e.e_date != '9999-00-00', e.e_date, e.s_date) >= '2014-07-14') )

Script name: /luxcal/index.php
invalid GET variable (index.php: logout=y)

Can you help me?

With best regards